Hurricane Maria: Call This Hotline To Reach Family And Friends In Puerto Rico

(TIML NEWS) Hurricane Maria has caused major damage in Puerto Rico. On Wednesday (Sept. 20), there was a total power outage throughout the entire island, leaving its residents without any type of communication. Before the electricity went out, Puerto Ricans could not get in contact with 911, reports  

This, of course, makes it extremely difficult for people to communicate with their friends and family on the island. In an effort to facilitate communication, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington, D.C., is recommending that people call their hotline at 202-778-0710.

It’s still been hard for people to get through the phone lines, because they’ve been flooded with phone calls of people desperately trying to get some information. Authorities reportedly have opened up more lines.

Public Facebook group Puerto Rico Maria Updates is attempting to gather as much information as possible for those who are outside and on the island.

It also promoted a spreadsheet with information of different towns in the region: Resumen de Pueblos contains details like the type of damage done to a specific area, and the last time that place had electricity.

In addition, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company has put together a hotline for industry partners and hotel guests, according to PIX11. That number is 877-976-2400.