Filming For ‘Power’ Season 5 Has Begun

(TIML TEA) Every summer, fans of the STARZ scripted drama Power cut their turn-up at the day party short just to get home in time to watch the addictive television show. With showrunner and creator Courtney A. Kemp at the helm, Season 4 proved no character was above a bullet and nothing is more powerful than old enemies uniting to take down a common yet even more treacherous foe.

And while Ghost got out of prison, Mike Sandoval received his just due for killing Greg Knox and Tommy learned his murderous and criminal ways were genetic, new heights of frustration were reached with Tariq’s wayward behavior, and unexpected grief overcame fans with the deaths of Julio and Raina.

Nothing was worse than when viewers learned they’d have to wait an entire year before the show’s return. So to ease our nerves, Kemp took to Instagram to assure fans the cast is working and Season 5 is on the way.