Texas Woman Shoots, Kills And Dismembers Sleeping Boyfriend

(TIML NEWS) Cierra Alexis Sutton was taken into police custody last week in connection with the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend. According to reports, 30-year-old Sutton shot, killed and dismembered 32-year-old Steven Coleman.

Law enforcement says Sutton and Coleman got into an argument on Aug. 16 and while Coleman was asleep Sutton killed him and then used a machete to cut his limbs a part. It’s reported Sutton disposed of Coleman’s body in various dumpsters.

Sutton’s 10-year-old daughter was reportedly inside the apartment when she killed the victim. Friends told authorities Sutton confessed to the killing and said she shot Coleman in the head first and dismembered him because his body was too heavy to carry. About 48 hours later, Coleman went to the Baytown Texas Police Department and reported Coleman missing.

Neighbor Mike Rogers spoke with KHOU-TV and said Sutton played the concerned lover.

“She acted like she knew nothing about anything. She was trying to call him, hadn’t heard from him. Family members didn’t get a response,” he said.

A few days later police found the torso of a man who’s description matched Coleman, however the rest of his remains were never located. Sutton then fled to Louisiana, dropping off her daughter at a friend’s house. She was later found Thursday (Sept. 14) in an apartment complex.

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