XXXTENTACION’s “Look At Me!” Video Is “Woke” & Disturbing at the same Time

(TIML MUSIC) XXXTENTACION released his new video for “Look At Me!” on Tuesday (September 12), which depicted X putting a noose around the neck of a white 6-year-old child and hanging him.

Countless social media users quickly condemned the inclusion of such a vile attempt at intelligent social commentary, while fans of the controversial rapper applauded the 19-year-old for being so “woke” and socially conscious.

But he’s not “woke.”

This isn’t some grandiose statement about slavery, white supremacy and police brutality, which he attempts to illustrate in the visual. This is more attention-seeking behavior from a person who revels in negativity, which as he admitted in a recent Instagram story, makes his “dick even harder.”

Many have called it out for what it actually is — a sick cry for help from a person who continually shows signs of being mentally unstable while contradicting himself left and right.


2 thoughts on “XXXTENTACION’s “Look At Me!” Video Is “Woke” & Disturbing at the same Time

  1. realmczappa says:

    This is like depicting the castration of an abuser. While domestic abuse is indeed an insidious and horrific crime, you can’t just make outrageous, sensational statements and then pass them off as “social commentary” or “being conscious”.

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  2. realmczappa says:

    Thank you! Seriously annoys me when people take any random race-related statement as activism, just in support of the artist. This is just thinly disguised sociopathy.

    While I ain’t gon hate merely for hate’ s sake, I think it’s quite obvious that this dude got some issues.

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