Usher Calls STD Accusers Liars, Suggests They Have “Unclean Hands”

(TIML TEA) New statements from Usher through his legal team feature plenty more questions than answers about his unwanted STD situation. One thing however is pretty clear–the lies run deep.

A day after accuser Quantasia Sharpton claimed to have visual proof of their encounter, TMZ reports Thursday (Sept. 7) his lawyers have fired back, calling all of the accusers liars. Laura Wasser and Zia Modabber, who represent the singer, stated to a California judge that the batch of folks claiming they got herpes from the singer aren’t factual in their claims. They also suggest that the accusers have “unclean hands,” which can mean a number of things.

Legal wordplay follows, with the lawyers stating Usher didn’t do anything intentional and they “assumed the risk” if he did have a sexual encounter with them. Reports have surfaced that the singer is currently working on lawsuits against all the accusers, which include Sharpton, two other women and a man. Sharpton has confirmed that she tested negative for herpes, but believes the singer should have informed her about his possible status. While he’s remained mum on the topic, Usher recently sported a jacket at a concert with a bullseye on it.

So far, the singer hasn’t released a public statement about the cases.

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