‘Narcos’: Miguel Angel Silvestre On Playing The Villain Who Changes The Game

(TIML NEWS) Season 3 of Narcos descends upon us Friday night (Sept. 1) on Netflix. Ahead of the hit show’s third season premiere, we speak with Miguel Angel Silvestre about his transition from the sports arena to the acting world and his new villainous role, which he claims to be at the center of a scene that will absolutely set the foundation for the remainder of the season.

“I remember when I was reading the script by the end of [the first] episode,” he explains, “there’s a scene that I was very impressed with what I read. We were in Bogota, and one of the producers that was filming that scene said, ‘we have never done anything like it, we think it’s too much.’ That scene is going to hook many people, it’s going to surprise a lot. It’s definitely going to be something that encourages people binge the whole season.”

The Spanish actor goes on to talk about wanting to play professional tennis and preparing for a character whose real-life story is a dense and complicated one, to say the least. Watch the whole thing up top