T.I. Shits On Joel Osteen “You Sir Are A Fraud”

(TIML TEA) Joel Osteen merited many a side eyes and raised eyebrows when it was discovered the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston did not open the doors to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. After receiving an A1 social media lashing, the 54-year-old responded to accusations alleging the building also experienced flooding. However, Osteen later opened the doors to the mega church, which seats a little more than 16,000 people.

However, Osteen’s actions rubbed many people the wrong way including T.I. The Us or Else rapper, who recently agreed to donate $25,000 to Harvey relief efforts took to social media Wednesday (Aug. 30) to blast Osteen and call him a “fraud.”

“Ministers, preachers, pastors and reverends are all supposed to be servant sent here to do the lord’s work, not just sitting back in comfort watching as Satin has his way. F**k out of here,” T.I. captioned. “We cannot afford to continue to just go and give our money away to people who pose as “preachers” or their big lavish mega churches without holding them accountable when we need.”

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