Questions That Need Answers: Here’s What We Need To Know About Hurricane Harvey And The Relief Efforts

(TIML NEWS) On August 26, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Houston, Texas, dispersing its Category 4 might upon the city’s residents. Thousands of people have made it to shelters while others are still braving the flood, namely in Port Arthur, (Home of Rapper Bun B)  as they await assistance from fellow residents or government officials.

Since the storm’s arrival, immediate action was taken to establish charities and donation services to get supplies to those in need. According to the Associated Press, nearly 50,000 homes have been damaged by flooding, and while Houstonians brave another impact of a torrential downpour, questions are beginning to loom on what can be done to cover all bases.

Our Staff came up with some Questions that needs some Serious Answers!

1) What will happen to those who do not have flood insurance? Will there be government leniency? (Especially after Donald Trump’s executive order).
2) How can people submit insurance claims before the deadline of the new bill’s implementation? And if they don’t make it in time, how can they file without being affected due to not having their paperwork with them?
3) How can major cruise lines like Carnival, Norwegian, etc., help those who are displaced? Can they be docked nearby and used for shelter?
4) How can mental health facilities join in providing relief?
5) What plan will the government implement for future storms to provide immediate access to those who don’t have the means to travel to safety?
6) Are there ways to send clean drinking water to the victims?
7) Which hotel chains in the surrounding areas are offering space to the flood victims? How are they helping with families that need to shower?
8) What happens to the sick in hospitals, who need consistent treatment, medicine, etc.?
9) Same for orphanages? Have there been ways to account for those children?
10) What role can public schools serve in a natural disaster?
11) With the school year starting, how will Hurricane Harvey affect students slated to begin pre-k or kindergarten? What about high school seniors? What about college graduates that are paying back student loans? Do they get a forbearance?
12) Are there translators designated at shelters to help assist those who don’t speak English?
13) For those with no I.D. or banking cards, can prepaid cards be provided for them by banking institutions that can present their account information? Or a similar solution?
14) How will victims receive supplies that are flown/mailed to them by charities in other states?
15) Is there any way to shuttle/boat displaced people to shelters in other areas of Texas that have not been affected?
16) How are people with motor boats handling the dramatic increase in gas prices?
17) As these people become sick, because they will with close contact, freezing temperatures and contaminated food/water, what is the government and local/out of town medical teams doing to prepare?
18) Can those who lost their job in the wake of Harvey apply for unemployment?
19) What will Houston’s economy look like a year from now due to Hurricane Harvey?
20) How will we fund efforts to rebuild Houston?
21) What is the likelihood climate change played a role in the hurricane’s impact?
22) Are there plans to contain wildlife and protect civilians from dangerous animals? Are efforts being made to reunite pets with owners or find shelter for animals in need?
23) How have the elderly fared due to Hurricane Harvey? What supplies do they need? What about the supplies for the bed-ridden?
24) Are there other options outside of hospitals for the sick? Are any urgent care programs set up for those in need?
25) As we raise our own donations/goods, how can we get them to Houston without an organization?
26) How long will it take for the water to be drained in the affected areas? How long before families can even begin to go back home?

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