Jacksonville Jaguars may sign Collin Kaepernick 

(TIML NEWS) Following Wednesday’s rally outside NFL Headquarters in NYC supporting Colin Kaepernick, one team owner says he’s ok with signing the quarterback.

Sports Illustrated reports that Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan would “absolutely” be open to signing Kaepernick. In a series of tweets from Mike Dempsey of WJXL radio in Jacksonville, he said he asked the owner if his “football people recommended signing Kaepernick” and Khan responded that he was ok with it. Khan added that while he wouldn’t have done what Kaepernick did, he still respects his right as an American to express himself.

Khan also stated he’d be open to anything his “football people” think would make the team better, but according to Dempsey, it doesn’t seem they think Kaepernick would do that. In other words, even though the owner is game, those surrounding him likely don’t support bringing Kaepernick on.

With the official start of the NFL season right around the corner, the QB still remains unsigned. It has been said Kaepernick has been blackballed after kneeling during the national anthem last season in protest of racial injustice. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denies those claims. Yeah right. Of course he would deny it… Let’s hope Kap gets signed 😎🏅