Bill Nye (The science 🔬 Guy) is suing Disney for $9 Million 

(TIML NEWS) Thursday, Bill Nye filed documents in L.A saying Disney, who marketed and distributed his show, wrote him a check for $585k in 2008 for back end profits. However, a few months later Bill says that Disney changed the story and needed to return $496k.

According to the documents, Disney told Bill that the company made an accounting error and told him that he wouldn’t receive any more checks until he returned the $496k. This made Bill suspicious and called for an audit of Disney’s 2016 books. The auditor says that Disney has shorted Bill by $9.3 million since 1993. Wow 😳 

Bill has now decided to lawyer up with attorneys at Hamrick & Evans to get what’s rightfully his as he should. Disney is notoriously known to shortchange people when it comes to working with them.  

Secure the bag, Bill 😎🏅