Dave Chappelle Receives Honor From New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo

(TIML NEWS) Dave Chappelle received a different type of praise for his noteworthy achievements recently. According to TMZ, the longtime comedian was honored by NYC’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his artistic contributions to the Empire State.

Okayplayer also adds that the governor’s Assistant Director of Constituencies for African-American and Women’s Affairs, Nika Milburn, honored Chappelle with the accolade that celebrates “individuals who add to the quality of life amongst our citizens.”

When it came time for the 43-year-old entertainer to give a mini-speech, he ran down a list of memorable moments that occurred in NYC. “I met my wife here,” he said during the recognition. “I made my name here. I had two kids here. I couldn’t ask for anything from this state. I’m from D.C. and I live in Ohio, but New York is always home for me.”