Bill Cosby Hires Former Michael Jackson Lawyer Tom Mesereau

(TIML NEWS) After losing two lawyers in a matter of weeks, Bill Cosby has brought in a well-known attorney to defend him against sexual assault charges. Thomas Mesereau, who famously represented Michael Jackson when he was acquitted on child molestation charges in 2005, has joined the comedian’s legal team.

Cosby will be retried on felony sexual assault charges following a mistrial in June. According to TMZ, Mesereau  makes his first appearance in the case on Tuesday (Aug. 22).

While his celebrity clientele gets the most press, Mesereau has been involved in a list of lesser-known cases. In January, he signed on as a co-council for 17-year-old Charleston Wells, who was one of four black teens charged in the murder of a white Iraqi war veteran. Wells was acquitted in May, which spawned an angry response from local KKK members.

Meanwhile, Mesereau’s other famous cases include actor Robert Blake’s trial and subsequent acquittal for his wife’s murder. In 2015, Mesereau represented Suge Knight in the former rap mogul’s murder case, but the two parted ways the following year.