Why The Zumba Cruise Was The Best Workout Vacation Some People Ever Had

(TIML NEWS) So a friend of Ours Went on a Zumba Cruise and exclusively told us her experience.

What do you do when someone asks you to take on a five-day trip from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas and Cozumel, Mexico? What if said trip involved dancing and working out from sunup to sundown, with over 3,200 people you’ve never met? And what if you experienced this and more while sailing across the Gulf of Mexico? All of these questions — plus excitement, nervousness, and uncertainty — crossed my mind after I read the email inviting me to take on Zumba Fitness’ 2nd annual Zumba Cruise.

What was I nervous about? For one, I can’t swim. Okay, I take that back. I can float and tread water on my back well enough to keep my head above water. Two, the idea of being on a 15-deck ship, for the first time, was a little unsettling. I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of having to sucker punch someone over a life vest (because, Titanic). Three, I like Zumba, but not that much to do it all day, every day. (STRONG by Zumba is actually my preferred type of fitness class, but I digress). And four, what if I get sea sick? What if everyone looks totally fit and I’m over here struggling to get into my two-year-old swimsuit that I hope I can still fit? After quieting my racing thoughts, I finally convinced myself to take on the opportunity that many people have yet to experience.

Once I arrived at the dock in Miami, I walked to the end of the line filled with people from all walks of life, decked out in their favorite Zumba gear. Many people were friendly (in fact, I didn’t see a frown or sad face throughout the trip) and smiling from ear to ear, as we inched closer to the Royal Caribbean ship waiting for our arrival. I checked into my room, watched the sun set and immediately all of my worries flew out of the window. The moment we set sea into the vast dark-blue water, I knew the tropical excursion would be an unforgettable one.




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