Killer Mike Is Selling Anti-Confederate Merch In Response To Charlottesville Disaster

(TIML NEWS) As the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville continues to wreak havoc across the country, many Americans are searching for ways to cope and fight back against white supremacy. Some are protesting; others are calling their local lawmakers. Killer Mike, on the other hand, is selling anti-Confederate merch.

The rapper announced his plans to sell a special line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, mugs, and other merch on Instagram Thursday afternoon (Aug. 17). The line is reportedly in collaboration with Brooklyn label, Daylight Curfew. The collection’s design depicts a scoreboard with a Confederate flag on one side and an American flag on the other side. Under the American flag, is the number one, signaling the nation’s triumph over racism, bigotry, and white nationalism.

Earlier this week, Killer Mike blasted Donald Trump on Instagram in regards to the president’s comments about “both sides” being responsible for violence erupting in Virginia. The influencer called Trump a “casino owner masquerading as the United States President.” “Don’t cheer for the team that was trying to break up the country that you’re now in charge of leading,” he added.

Many other celebrities have expressed their disapproval of Trump’s comments and the Confederate symbols. Many Americans have also joined in the removal statues that are symbolic of that part of history around the country.

The anti-Confedarate merch is running for about $28. If you’re looking to cop some gear, head over to Daylight Curfew’s site here. And check out some of the pieces below.