50 Cent Says Starz Thinks He Leaked The Remaining Episodes Of ‘Power’

(TIML TEA) Someone who obviously doesn’t have the jedi force in ‘em broke into the Starz mainframe last week and leaked the remaining episodes of Power Season Four. Said person then posted the poor quality episodes to their Facebook page ruining it for everyone.

Starz announced they’re prepared to take legal action against the evil dooer, but let Power executive producer 50 Cent tell it, execs think the job was done from someone in house


“Starz thinks I leaked my own show,” Fif captioned on his Instagram page. “Anyway, if you have On Demand catch Power tonight 12:00AM. If not, Sunday 9:00PM it is LOL”

The network which is home to the Courtney A. Kemp scripted drama has not publicly addressed Fif’s comments, and for all we know Mr. Jackson could very well be trying to turn a horrible public blunder into a possible win by drumming up more excitement for the remainder of the season.

According to Fif, the reason for the accusations are allegedly because the network thinks he’s trying to follow suit with another show who experienced the same bad luck.


“They know I know when Game of Thrones leaked they had a spike in ratings, so they looking at me side eyed. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote to a fan.

Mr. Jackson wants to win, this we know, but to do so at the expense of his own show?  We can’t call it, but what do you think? Sound off in the comments.