Proctor & Gamble’s ‘The Talks’ Zones in on Necessary Conversations In The Black Community

(TIML FOOD4THOUGHT) Unfortunately, in the black community, parents have to have painful but necessary conversations with their children about how to survive in a world that has already judged them based on the color of their skin and not their abilities. Known colloquially as “the talk,” mothers and fathers of black sons and daughters have often told their kids they have to work twice as hard to get half as far, and how to conduct themselves when they get pulled over by the cops.

Proctor & Gamble teamed up with My Black Is Beautiful to offer a snapshot of conversations black parents—mostly black mothers–have had with their children throughout the decades about life’s ugly truths and how to not only cope but thrive. Everything from a young black boy hearing the N-word for the first time, or a little girl being told she’s pretty for a black girl.