Treach Trips On Stage while pushing Bushwick Bill Off Stage in Houston Lol (Video)


(TIML TEA) Damn! Poor Bushwick Bill…The legendary rapper (of the Geto Boys) was performing onstage with Treach of Naughty By Nature recently, when he was accidentally pushed off stage.

During Naughty by Nature’s set of their “I Love the 90s” tour stop in Houston recently, Bill hopped onto the stage to perform his verse from Geto Boys’ 1990s classic, “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me”.

Treach decided to join him, but got tripped up and shoved Bill who flew into the crowd. LMFAO!!

After, Treach declared: “I had to pay you back. You threw me off last time”.

They said Bill got back up on stage with a smile, so we’re guessing, it’s all good.