Lord Jamar Of Brand Nubian Challenges Money Phone Craze With #BookPhoneChallenge


(TIML NEWS) Im glad this brother “Lord Jamar of rap group “Brand Nubian” is doing this. We gotta put that positive energy out there One way or another.

Veteran rapper Lord Jamar of the rap group Brand Nubian issues the #BookPhoneChallenge. In contrast to the popular “money phone” pose that’s been all over the Internet for a while now, the #BookPhoneChallenge inspires one to instead hold a stack of books to your ear. The challenge has garnered over 2,000 posts from professors to children to families. Check out some of our favorite posts and interesting reads below.

Y'all wanna make the BOOK PHONE a CHALLENGE???…Then make it happen!!! #bookphonechallenge

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Thought this was kind of cool. #bookphonechallenge #blacksecularism #africanamericanreligion @sikivu

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One thought on “Lord Jamar Of Brand Nubian Challenges Money Phone Craze With #BookPhoneChallenge

  1. realmczappa says:

    I ain’t even heard of the whole money phone thing before now. See, this why I follow yall. Yall be keepin us informed.

    As for Lord Jamar’s spin on it, dope! It’s high time intellect and knowledge of self take priority over wealth.

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