Physics Teacher banned after drunken sex with pupil in plane toilet SMH


(TIML TEA) A physics teacher who had sex with a pupil in the lavatory of a plane was caught after a second pupil tried to blackmail her, a tribunal heard.

Eleanor Wilson, 28, was described as intoxicated when she flew back from Geneva and starting flirting with the boy at the back of the plane while caring for another poorly pupil, a panel heard.

The boy – who had drunk five mini bottles of wine – joined her in the lavatory for sex and oral intercourse without protection, it was heard.

The academy teacher, from South Gloucestershire, continued their relationship, texting and meeting up for drinks, despite rumours circulating at school.

But the relationship came to light seven months later when another pupil emailed Wilson saying he would reveal the tryst unless she had sex with him, it was said.

Police and the school found out and Wilson was dismissed and brought before a professional conduct panel earlier this month.

She was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and bringing the profession into disrepute and banned from teaching.

The hearing found: “The panel heard evidence from Pupil A that during a school trip, he and Miss Wilson became close.

“During the flight home from the trip, Pupil A gave evidence that he and Miss Wilson were flirting at the back of the plane, whilst looking after another pupil who was unwell.

“Pupil A gave evidence that Miss Wilson was intoxicated and that he had himself drunk approximately five miniature bottles of wine on the flight.

“Pupil A gave evidence that he and Miss Wilson entered the toilet, kissed and had oral sex and intercourse without using protection. Miss Wilson denied this allegation in its entirety, as evidenced within the notes of the school’s investigation.

“The panel considered all of the evidence, and after hearing his oral evidence and having the opportunity to test it, preferred the evidence of Pupil A.”

It added: “In the following months it is alleged that the relationship with Pupil A continued through text messages and meetings outside of school.

“In March 2016, Miss Wilson received a series of emails from Pupil C, in which he confirmed knowledge of a sexual relationship between Miss Wilson and Pupil A and in which he said he would inform the school unless she engaged in sexual conduct with him.”

Miss Wilson had worked at the school – where she was also head of key stage four – since 2013. In 2015, she led a group of older pupils on a trip to Switzerland.

After returning home, she told a school newsletter: “The trip will provide a real source of inspiration for our young people as they continue with their studies and think about their future career paths.”

But the misconduct panel found the “intoxicated” teacher had unprotected intercourse and oral sex with the pupil at the back of the plane.

The continued their relationship, meeting outside of school, texting, drinking together and kissing, the panel heard.

The boy – whose age and name are not included in the panel report – thought the pair were an item and admitted he was in love. smh I know this is wrong to say…but where the hell were these teachers at when i was young lol.