Daddy Yankee On Chester Bennington’s Death: “This Is A Cold And Cruel Industry”


(TIML NEWS) The death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has everyone devastated, including Latin superstar Daddy Yankee.

After reading the news, the urban superstar took to Instagram to honor Bennington by sharing a photo of the two together and writing a positive message to all fans. “It breaks my soul in many pieces because we, as humans, go through so many tests and mental crises,” he wrote. “This is a cold and cruel industry that sometimes destroys our heart and our minds; to that, add the blows of life that end up creating a tsunami of emotions that take us to the deepest depths, and we think that there is no salvation. But let me tell you that there is salvation and solution.”

In the same message, Yankee shares a biblical message and addresses that all problems have a solution. Read the complete (Spanish) message below: