Brandy Speaks On ‘Full Moon,’ Depression & Whitney Houston On Spotify’s R&B Matters


(TIML NEWS) For those who have been longing for “real R&B,” Spotify has something special for you. Spotify has created a new series called R&B Matters, which is dedicated to the artists, producers, songwriters and other innovate people who contribute to the culture of Rhythm and Blues.

Its latest episode features music icon, Brandy, talking with host Chad Foster about her classic album, Full Moon, its 15th anniversary and the inspirations that helped her make such a now-influential album.

In the episode, she credits her time on Broadway as the moment where she finally got out of her funk. “It was big, life changing and intimate,” she said. “Singing those songs and connecting to those people in Chicago the Musical… it changed me forever. It made me reach for the sky.”

One of the more revealing moments in the episode occurred when Brandy spoke on her relationship with Whitney Houston, who she says was one of her biggest inspirations and considers her to be the greatest R&B singer of all time. “It’s not about fame, it’s about singing,” she said as she explains the most important lessons the late legend taught her. “It’s about the song. It’s not about you. It’s bigger than you. You have to let the gift be what it is. And to take care of it and treasure it.”

You can check out the episode right here.