Apple to Debut Hijab-Wearing Emoji Later This Year


(TIML NEWS) Apple is looking to push the boundaries on inclusion and diversity, especially through communication, as the company announced a hijab-wearing woman will be included an upcoming set of emojis to be released soon. Apple previewed some sample images which included a woman in a purple hijab, a bearded man, a person in a yoga pose, and a woman breastfeeding a baby.


According to NY Daily News, the hijab emoji was approved in November 2016 and was initially proposed by a 16-year-old named Rayouf Alhumedhi. In her proposal, the young woman wrote: “With this enormous number of people, not a single space on the keyboard is reserved for them.” After seeing the new emoji, Alhumedhi went on to tell CNN she is really happy with the design and that she “wanted to be represented, as simple as that.” Sound off below!!!