Drake Gets an Hostile Intruder Hiking In His Backyard !!!


(TIML NEWS) Guess Drake was right when he said he’s not just anybody. The 30-year-old was faced with his second intruder within four months this past Thursday (July 13), TMZ reports.

Although No. 4 of Billboard’s “Top 50 Money Makers of 2016,” wasn’t home at the time due to renovations, the security guard on duty noticed the man hiking Drake’s backyard attempting to gain access to the Hidden Hills property.

The guard asked the intruder to leave the premises, but he soon became aggressive forcing the guard to call the police. Officers swiftly arrived and arrested the man

The unarmed trespasser told the cops that he found Drake’s address on a blog and he was there in hopes of meeting the rapper.

This past April, a 24-year-old woman was found in one of the bedroom’s in Aubrey Graham’s house with his hoodie on, claiming she had permission to enter. The dehydrated woman admitted to drinking Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water from the home, without stealing anything else.

While the woman was charged with felony burglary, the intruder from Thursday night was only charged as a trespasser. Hopefully, the More Life rapper won’t have to get another call about an intruder for the rest of the year.