Prodigy Admits To Summoning UFO In ‘The Therapist’ Interview


(TIML NEWS) Last week, on the Fourth of July, Viceland premiered a trailer to an interview they conducted with the late Prodigy before he passed away. On Monday night (July 10), the Mobb Deep rapper’s interview was premiered in its entirety.

As previously debuted in the trailer, the MC admitted he saw a dark shadow, which he says resembled the black Spiderman, move across his room one night before he went to sleep. The next morning, excruciating pain from his Sickle Cell Anemia woke him. Before the incident, he told The Therapist host, Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, that he had been without complications from his ailment for six years. The Long Island native was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at just three months old.

The 42-year-old lyricist revealed that he lost faith in God due to the red blood cell disorder, saying, “Having conversations with God, begging God to make the pain go away and the pain wouldn’t go away – so, I’m like, ‘Who the hell am I talking to?’ God is not responding, so I don’t believe in that.”