Back In 1993, Rosie Perez Hooked Up Tupac And Madonna At An Awards Show


(TIML TEA) Ever since Tupac’s letter to Madonna surfaced last week, the Internet did as the Internet does and searched for more answers to the music artists’ relationship. While some were aware of their connection during their heyday, what was unbeknownst to nearly everyone was the common factor that brought the rapper and singer of different worlds together. recently reminded many of the time the Do The Right Thing actress hooked Tupac up with Madonna.

Before Madonna and Shakur crossed paths, “every female artist there was on [her] s**t,” Perez claimed. “They kept going, ‘Hi Rosie. Hi. Hi. Hi.’ Never spoke to me before.”

The Brooklynite especially recalled a pair of girls, stating: “There were two girls – who will remain nameless – that wanted to beat me up.”

After the bombardment of estrogen-riled hellos and anger directed towards her, Perez requested that the “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” lyricist tell the girls they weren’t an item, to which he replied, “You can take ‘em.”

Madonna, on the other hand, only had to say one word in regards to the now-late rapper, and Rosie handled the rest from there.

Madonna comes over, she looks at me, she goes, ‘Girl.’ I go, ‘I gotcha,’” Perez began. “I said, ‘she wants to meet you’ and he goes, ‘Hook that up.’ So I hooked it up and I was very happy about it.”

You can catch Perez recounting the story on the Wendy Williams Show at the 5:50 mark (below) and the same retelling on The View, both in 2015.