Lucky 19-Year-Old Wins Lottery Twice In A Week !!


(TIML NEWS) Wow!! Talk about luck. A 19-year-old from California has some amazing luck, as she’s won not one, but twolottery prizes in the span of a week. The total amount of her incredible winnings equals $655,555.

Rosa Dominguez spent $5 on a scratch off at a Paso Robles gas station, and was “so nervous that [she] wanted to cry” after she discovered she won $555,555.

According to the California Lottery, a few days later, Dominguez pressed her luck once again, this time at a Monterey County gas station, where her lucky $5 scratch off was worth the biggest prize, $100,000

As for what the young woman will be doing with her big winnings? She told the California Lottery that she wants to do a little shopping and also get a new car.