Daddy Yankee Breaks Barriers Becoming Top Streamed Artist On Spotify DALE!!!!!


(TIML MUSIC) Shouts to Daddy Yankee who happens to be from the Bronx along with Bachatta sensation Romeo Santos. BX IS IN THE BUILDING…..JUST HAD TO MENTION THAT .


Daddy Yankee just secured a Spotify record that no other Latin artist has ever achieved in the past. Announced Sunday (July 9), the streaming service congratulated the “Gasolina” music mogul for becoming the #1 global artist on their platform.

With 44,735,586 monthly listeners, the Puerto Rican singer-rapper surpassed Ed Sheeran for the top spot.


Yankee, né Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, spoke on this recent milestone to Billboard, admitting, “Being the first Latin artist to reach #1 in Spotify marks a precedent not only for my career but for the industry in general. The musical digital revolution has unified the world and this is the proof. We are all in the same boat with no labels or stereotypes.”

Rodríguez is currently finishing out the remainder of his “Tamo En Vivo” tour this month, while his most recent hit, “Shaky Shaky” recently hit the one billion mark in YouTube’s views.