Halle Berry’s Dying Wish Is To Portray Angela Davis


(TIML NEWS) Halle Berry has one wish before she leaves God’s green Earth – to portray Angela Davis on screen.

During a Q&A on the empowerment stage at the 2017 Essence Festival this past Friday (June 30), Berry spoke about her forthcoming film, Kidnap, her experiences in Hollywood thus far, in addition to her impending aspirations. Of those goals, was her wish to depict the Black Panthers activist’s life in a creative body of work.

“There’s one woman that I’d really like to play before I die,” Berry discussed with Essence Editor-In-Chief, Vanessa DeLuca. “I’d really love to play Angela Davis.”

But, according to HuffPost Black Voices, Berry first admitted her admiration for and desire to put her thespian skills to use in a story of Davis in 2011 to Jet Magazine.

“I’ll probably never get to play it in my life and I am going to be sad until the day I die, but I really want to play Angela Davis badly,” Berry stated. “So badly. I just think she’s fascinating and I think I would love to tell a story from her perspective about that time in our history and what it was all about with the Black Panthers.”

The Oscar-winning actress applauded the 73-year-old activist for consistently speaking against oppression and continuing a fight for justice throughout her lifetime. During this year’s the Cannes’ Lions Festival of Creativity Girls’ Lounge, Berry also addressed the silent Black Lives Matter supporters.

It’s safe to say the 50-year-old actress admires Davis’s outspoken and relentless labor towards social justice efforts.