A German White Woman With A Crazy Chemical Tan Insists She Is Now “Black” LOL


(TIML NEWS) Evidently, the transracial desperation—truly a puzzling mindset in and of itself—is real out in these streets. Shout out to Rachel Dolezal for setting the precedent for people to swap out the privilege their birth skin affords them and slip into minority races like a shiny new outfit. Perhaps now would be good a time as any t0 connect with her sister in trans-race, Martina Adam, a German woman and “aspiring model” who has been turning heads all the way across the pond.


So Thot Adam’s larger than life breast enhancements  were the conversation starters, but now it is her deep coffee skin, the best chemically enhanced skin money could buy. “This medical treatment increased my body’s melatonin production,” she wrote on her Facebook page, where she goes by “Martina Big.” “I love my new ebony look very much. Therefore, I’m currently testing various things to emphasize my exotic look.”