Sean Butler Of T.I.M.L Known For Increasing The Health Of K thru 5 Elementary Age Youth In The South Bronx Explains The Bronx Borough Presidents Ruben Diaz #Not62 Campaign.

There are 62 Counties in New York State and out of these 62 counties in New York State the Bronx is ranked # 62 out of 62 when it comes to Health (ideally you want to be ranked #1) Let me put that to scale for you, MY BX borough is Dead Last when it comes to health (we have the worse health outcomes out of the entire New York State)!

So I just wanted to take a minute to explain the NOT62 hash tag that you see in my health related post and no it does not mean that I’m saying that I am NOT 62 (LOL)

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz started this has tag to spread awareness of the Dire health conditions that the Bronx. However years before this has tag became a thing I notice that children at the elementary school I work in children were contracting type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes) every year and data from the Department of Health showed there was a spike and type 2 diabetes do to inactive lifestyle And over consumption of sugary process foods and beverages in the South Bronx.

I couldn’t stand by and watch these kids inherit this debilitating life changing disease. So I took action and created an integrated athletics program called “Team Healthy Heart” teaching the kids about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise in a Hip Hop Style because I took initiative I made News 12 in 2015 as a featured story.

Now I am taking the same drive and energy I used in helping to fight 2 type to diabetes in elementary age children in the south Bronx and combat Youth Violence in the West Bronx thru an Economic Empowerment Initiative that I am in process of creating thru collaboration that will provided the youth with trade skills to compete and earn living wages.

I believe that thru Economic Empowerment we can create safe and Healthy Neighborhoods in the West Bronx.