Trevor Noah Gets Serious, Asks: “How Does a Black Person Not Get Shot in America?


(TIML NEWS) Trevor Noah got serious during part of his monologue on his Daily Show on Monday (June 19), as he addressed police officer Jeronimo Yanez’s acquittal in the shooting death of Philando Castile last summer.

“How does a black person not get shot in America?” Noah asked. “The bar is always moving, the goal posts are always shifting. There’s always a different thing that explains why a person got shot. Oh, the person was wearing a hoodie. Oh, the person was running away from the police. Oh, no, the person was going toward the police. Oh, no, the person was running around at night.”

“Philando Castile wasn’t just a man shot at a traffic stop. He was a legal gun owner whose family was in the car and who had committed no crime. At all,” he continued.

Noah didn’t stop there. He also blasted the NRA (National Rifle Association) for their silence regard Castile’s death, who told the officer he had a licensed firearm in the car before being shot with his family in the car.

“There’s a group you would expect would be losing their goddamned minds about this: the NRA,” he said. “For some strange reason, on this particular case, they’ve been completely silent. And yet, according to their rhetoric, this is everything that they stand against, right? An officer of the state depriving a citizen of his life because he was legally carrying a firearm.”

“It’s interesting how the people who define themselves by one fundamental American right ― the right to bear arms ― show that once race is involved, the only right that they believe in is their right to remain silent,” Noah concluded.

What are you thoughts? Do you agree with Trevor?