Jay Z Combats “Exploitative” Bail Bond Industry By Bailing Out Men For Father’s Day


(TIML NEWS)  TIME published an op-ed penned by rapper Jay Z in which he details how he plans to use a Father’s Day gesture to make a statement about America’s bail bond industry.

“If you’re from neighborhoods like the Brooklyn one I grew up in, if you’re unable to afford a private attorney, then you can be disappeared into our jail system simply because you can’t afford bail,” Hov writes.

He goes on to reference the tragedies of Kalief Browder and Sandra Bland as examples of how the inability to afford bail can potentially put innocent people in dangerous situations.

In an effort to unearth some beauty in a dark place, the Magna Carta Holy Grail artist announced that he will be partnering with Southerners on New Ground and Color of Change “to bail out fathers who can’t afford the due process our democracy promises,” and give them some time with their families for Father’s Day.

Salute to Jigga.