Netflix Surpasses Cable with More Subscribers 🏅👏🏽

(TIML NEWS) I’m sure we all saw this coming. It has been five years since statisticians were so alarmed by a drastic rise in the number of Netflix subscribers and how it corresponded with reports of a significant decline in subscriptions with popular cable providers, that they began paying close attention to whether it was a sign of things to come. And now that 2017’s numbers are in, Netflix may crown itself king, as the film and television streaming company has for the first time surpassed all cable companies in subscriptions.

Back in 2012, the analysis showed that 4 million customers had dropped their major cable providers. In the same year, Netflix accounted for 27 million new subscriptions, giving the Netflix a surging 23.41 subscribers to cable’s 52.60 million. One year later Netflix added nearly 60 million while cable continued to plummet, to the tune of 51.04 million.

With audiences remaining loyal to such red hot series’ as “House Of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “13 Reasons Why,” “Sense8,” and “Bloodline” [the 5 most watched Netflix shows at the moment], it has now become clear that streaming is the future in home cinema and television, with 2017’s reports revealing that Netflix has outpaced cable, with its 50.9 million subscribers finally edging out the cable audience, which registered at 48 million. Sound off below!!