Dave Chappelle Donates $50,000 Toward The Flint Water Crisis


(TIML NEWS) Dave Chappelle is paying it forward in a major way. According to TMZ, the critically-acclaimed comedian announced a $50,000 donation to assist with alleviating the Flint Water Crisis.

During a show at The Whiting earlier this week, Chappelle said the Community Foundation of Greater Flint will be the recipient of the check. The site adds that the funds will be geared toward children who fell ill after being exposed to the lead-ridden water.

The Netflix titan was previously slated to perform at a benefit concert that aimed to raise money for families affected by the contaminated water. According to the New York Daily News, the 2016 event raised $156,000. The 43-year-old had to cancel his appearance due to a prior Oscars obligation.

“I’m honored that you guys came here tonight,” he said to the audience. “I want you to know that just by coming to see me you supported this city. I’m not taking a dime.”