The Worlds First Marijuana-Infused Wine Called: Canna


(TIML NEWS) Weed is making its way into everything these days. As marijuana continues to be legalized or decriminalized around the world, new products are popping up… including this cannabis-infused wine called Canna Wine.

According to Insider, the green-colored wine combines organically grown marijuana and farmed grapes.

The wine uses around a pound of marijuana, which is wrapped in cheese cloth and added to a barrel of wine, where it sits for nearly a year to ferment and repose.

During the fermentation process, the temperatures are low enough that the wine still retians the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the high levels of THC, resulting in a mellow, physical “body high” rather than a mental high.

Unfortunatly, Canna Vine is available only in California, ranging from $120 to $400 USD for half of a bottle. Sound off below