A Behind-The Scenes Clip Of Tupac Has Surfaced with scenes from Rare Clip From “Juice”


(TIML NEWS) It’s safe to say Ernest Dickerson’s Juice served as the vessel that catapulted a young Tupac Shakur into becoming one of hip hop’s most coveted icons. This year marks the movie’s 25th anniversary, and to celebrate that milestone, it’s being released for the first time on Blu-ray today (June 6), Noisey reports. The new format contains never-before-seen images of the crew on set and insightful interviews.

Juice takes place in the rough streets of Harlem in 1992, with Shakur playing the unpredictable firecracker Roland Bishop. Alongside Pac, there’s Omar Epps (Quincy “Q” Powell), Khalil Kain (Raheem Porter), and Jermaine Hopkins (Eric “Steel” Thurman). The plot revolves around a group of four teens who aim to design a devious plan to rob and cause mayhem. Within the mischief, there’s a great message on the trappings of toxic hyper-masculinity and good or bad choices while having to grow up in the hood.

In a never before seen clip, a young Tupac does an impressive impersonation of Scarface’s problematic Tony Montana. Additionally, there are interludes of the rest of Pac’s co-stars in the present day describing the West Coast rapper as easily infuriated and unpredictable, but a joy to work with.