McDonald’s & BEAMS Are Dropping Some Big Mac Merch & It’s Actually Fire




(TIML NEWS)  This is totally left-field but not surprising..Streetwear and fast food junkies, all your dreams may have just come at once. The legendary Japanese label BEAMS has teamed up with McDonald’s to create a small capsule of Big Mac merchandise and it’s actually pretty Cool Looking.

In today’s fashion world, where IKEA-inspired pieces are all the rage and big companies like DHL become high fashion muses, wearing McDonald’s merchandise isn’t the faux pas it once was. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The small collection includes a range of Big Mac-themed tote bags, T-shirts, caps, pouches and iPhone covers.

McDonald’s has put up the items for sale on Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten, however only 300 of each item is available. They’re all individually priced, starting at around 3,900 yen ($35).