Fresh Music Friday: Ice Cube“Only One Me”


(TIML MUSIC) Ice Cube Has Major Bragging Rights On New Track “Only One Me” After being inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2016, there’s practically nothing Ice Cube has to prove to anyone in the game. But just in case any of these rookies are unclear on how one-of-a-kind and influential Cube is, the rapper dropped a new single called “Only One Me,” to set the record straight.

On the 3-minute track that holds an addictive bounce beat, Cube reflects on his lengthy career and all of the artists he’s taught and inspired. “Taught Tupac how to keep it gangsta. / Showed Biggie Smalls how to release his anger,” he raps. But he didn’t take all the credit. Cube also name-dropped the old heads who came before him like Chuck D, Ice-T, and KRS. Then after a few bars, he goes right back to bragging. “Ice Cube, the name will live in infamy / As the young ni**a that invented Eazy-E / West Coast, b***h, yeah, that’s all me,” he continues.

“Only One Me” is reportedly coming from the West Coast native’s forthcoming album, Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary, which is due on June 9.  The new project will serve as the 25th edition in celebration of the 1991 classic’s milestone. The original LP was considered especially influential during its time and held social and political relevancy following the Rodney King beating that occurred that same year.

Listen to Ice Cube’s new track below.

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