The Internet Had Lots To Say About Lifetime’s Michael Jackson Biopic


(TIML NEWS) Lifetime has officially added another music biopic into the archives. On Monday (May 29), the cable network aired, Searching for Neverland, a two-hour film chronicling the last three years of Michael Jackson’s life (as told through the eyes of his two bodyguards).

Prior to its Memorial Day debut, Searching for Neverland, hit a music roadblock. Jackson’s estate called the film “unauthorized,” and refused to license its ownership of MJ’s music catalog, along with “images, video and film.”

Since Lifetime has dealt with similar restrictions before, they worked around the issue with help from Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” In the end, Searching for Neverland, scored 2 million viewers, earning Lifetime it’s second-highest ratings for an original movie in 2017.

But the Twitter reactions may be more entertaining than the film itself. Social media picked the film apart, starting with the actor playing Jackson.

Navi — a professional MJ impersonator who was born in Trinidad and moved to the U.K. — couldn’t quite shake his British accent.