Is Papoose The Newest Member Of Maybach Music Group?


(TIML NEWS) Maybach Music Group may be welcoming a new member to the crew. Papoose seemingly confirmed that he joined Rick Ross’ record label on Instagram Saturday (May 27).

The Brooklyn rapper made the reveal by posting lyrics to his “Back on My Bullsh*t” remix featuring Rozay and Jaques.  On the track Pap spits in part, “This summer I’m only riding in convertibles son/ I’m signed to MMG money murder and guns/I knew Ross was official. I knew him a long time…he took off his shades just so he can look in my eye.”

Obviously lyrics don’t make for a solid confirmation. Plus, Pap could be using “MMG” as a synonym for “money, murder, and guns” — or maybe he’s just promoting the record?

At any rate, Rozay hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but when it comes to the Twitterverse, lyrics are just as good as an official announcement. Stream The Track Below!!!