WTF!! Cops Nab Pigeon Carrying 178 Ecstasy Pills In Kuwait


(TIML NEWS) News out of Kuwait today brings a whole new meaning to the term “carrier pigeon.”

Customs police found and caught a homing pigeon carrying 178 ecstasy pills in a tiny backpack in Kuwait. According to Al Arabiya, the pigeon was being tracked by the department’s employees on its trek from Iraq to Kuwait, and was able to seize the birdie bad-a** near the custom’s department. Wow Now thats some innovative gangster shit if i ever heard of any lol.

“Homing pigeons were used in the past to carry messages as messenger pigeons and they crossed a distance of approximately 100 miles,” writes the site. “At first they only delivered messages but after training, man taught them how to deliver messages back and forth more than once a day.

News of this hilariously bizarre incident has been spreading on Twitter and Redditsince it occurred yesterday (May 23). There have been no further reports on the trafficker it was smuggling the drugs for. All we know is that bird is going to need a good lawyer