Migos’ Takeoff Flies Solo On New Song, “Intruder


(TIML MUSIC) Migos have no problem flying solo when the mood strikes. In the past couple of weeks, fans have received new solo material from Offset (“Monday”) and Quavo (“Paper Over Here”), but don’t think the group is breaking up, because their brotherly bond is unbreakable.

Today (May 24), Takeoff tries his hand a solo track, and honestly, this joint knocks, too. Produced by OG Parker, Takeoff gives a fair warning to anyone who thinks about breaking into his home on new song, “Intruder.”

“Don’t do it/Intruder, I bust yo (bow!) medulla/I’m burned out, I’m throwed out/I’m cutthroat, you knew that (you knew that)/Them sweet licks, for a miltick/You blew it (you blew that)/You niggas don’t know nothing ’bout the game/I can’t help it y’all niggas new to it (new to that)/Intruders try run in my house (graaah!)/Hope you got insurance (hope!),” raps Takeoff on the new song. Sound off below if you fucks with Takeoff!!