Random Black Guy Praised After Slapping the piss out of White Woman For Calling Him The N Word


(TIML NEWS) WTF! A viral video involving a man hitting a woman for calling him a racial slur has sparked conversation online on what’s an acceptable reaction to a testy situation.

The incident, uploaded to the web on May 5, shows a man arguing with a woman about her constant use of the n-word. During the nearly minute-long video, the woman puts her hand in the man’s face as he tries to get off the bus. After a few taunts, the man warns the woman about her racist vernacular by saying, “Mind your mouth cuz.  Say it one more time. Say it one more time.” Unsurprisingly, the woman continues and the man slaps her in the face before getting off the bus.

The woman quickly calls for the police after she allegedly received an injury to her eye. “You shouldn’t have called him a ni**er,” the man who filmed the incident tells the woman.

The video was uploaded to Facebook and has amassed over 3 million views with commenters split on the man’s reaction. “As a white male, I probably would have slapped the sh*t out of her for him,” one commenter from North Carolina said. “But hey, racism doesn’t exist in our country anymore, according to most. Take a kid from every race and put them in a room together and they will all play with one another till their parents tell them not to.”

Meanwhile, there were others who believed he could’ve handled the situation in a different way. “Black, white, brown, man woman, no one should get a pass for being disrespectful. I wouldn’t have slapped her, but I ain’t mad that he did,” a Dallas commenter explained. “We live in a world where people have no respect for their fellow humans, now she wants to play victim, I don’t feel pity for racist, racism is evil, I don’t believe in hitting women but her being a woman is no excuse for her racism.” 

It isn’t known if the woman filed a police report or pressed charges after the incident. Let us know what you think of the incident in the comment section below.