Travis Scott & Quavo are doing a joint Album

(TIML 🎶 🎧 MUSIC) Travis Scott fans who tuned in for an appearance he made on Beats 1’s .WAV radio back in December might have been wondering if they were hearing correctly, when he said that he had a collaborative album with Quavo coming out. There hasn’t been much of any word about the project since, sans a cryptic tweet or two, but the Houston rapper came through for fans awaiting confirmation on the LP during his recent feature story with GQ.

“The Quavo album is coming soon,” he told the famed publication’s reporter. “I’m dropping new music soon. You know how I do it though: I like surprises.” When asked about the project’s title, he selected to hold back and pledge that they will not be disappointed by such upcoming “surprises.”

Scott did keep his word on the new music though [so we know he’s good for it], and fulfilled that promise immediately by releasing three new songs on Monday, May 15. And the fans responded, with “Green & Purple,” “Butterfly Effect” and “A Man” each amassing 1 million streams within 24 hours. Which leaves one to imagine just how popular a Travis/ Migos album might turn out to be.