Brooklyn Landlord Plans To Destroy Famous Biggie Mural

(TIML NEWS)  The mural of Notorious B.I.G. that has adorned a building on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood for over two years will soon be destroyed in the name of renovation and rent hikes.

Samuel Berkowitz, the building’s landlord, is reportedly planning a massive renovation which will involved demolishing the wall where the mural is located to create more windows and subsequently raise the renting price for the building. Berkowitz has received a lot of pushback from the community, but he’s already secured the necessary permits and plans to move forward wtf.

“Why should I keep it?” he told DNA Info. “I don’t even see the point of the discussion. I could demolish the building if I wanted to, I don’t need no permission from anyone except the DOB.”

Local group Spread Art NYC has been trying to negotiate with Berkowitz to keep the mural. He offered to leave the masterpiece untouched if the group would pay him $1,250 per month, but that isn’t financially possible for the small group.Sound off below!!