‘Searching For Neverland’ Trailer Shows Michael Jackson’s Struggles With Balancing Fame & Parenthood


(TIML NEWS) Lifetime is taking on yet another music icon for its biopic series, and for the network’s sake, let’s hope they get it right. The first trailer for the Michael Jackson biopic, Searching for Neverland, recently previewed ahead of the movie’s late May air date, showing a few of the devastating last days of MJ’s life.

In the 25-second clip, Michael, played by King of Pop impersonator Navi, is seen grappling with his extremely public image and being a father to his then-young kids. The trailer also briefly touches on the 2010 case against Dr. Conrad Murray, who was ultimately convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering Jackson with high doses of propofol.

Searching for Neverland is reportedly based on the 2014 book, Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days, which was penned by the singer’s personal bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard. In contrast to the biopic, the book seems to only follow the “Beat It” singer’s finals years.

Jackson is only the latest icon to be transformed into a Lifetime movie. The network has unfortunately earned low reviews for its biopics on Britney Spears and Aaliyah. With that being said, its takes on Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Anna Nicole Braxton, received high ratings, tallying more than 4.5 million, 3.6 million, 3.3. million viewers respectively, according to IMDB.