DJ Khalid is Famous for Numerous Hit Records without actually doing the records…Genuis Or Conman

(TIML 🎶 MUSIC) There’s a moment toward the end of “I’m The One,” the new DJ Khaled posse cut that is currently somehow the #1 song in the country, where Lil Wayne briefly departs from the song’s theme. The song’s theme is this: You, female listener, should fuck me, the person rapping or singing right now. That’s mostly what Wayne is talking about on his verse. But, as a quick aside, he offers this: “For the record, I knew Khaled when that boy was spinning records.” Wayne means that as a light flex and maybe as an allusion to the fact that he’s been throwing verses on DJ Khaled posse cuts for over a decade. In the video, Wayne and Khaled both indulge in a quick second of air-scratching. It’s cute. But it underlines something notable about Khaled’s success: He is no longer spinning records. The “DJ” part of his name is entirely ornamental.