Body found In Central Park Resivior 

(TIML NEWS) According to the New York Post, the body of a naked dead man was recently found floating the in Central Park Reservoir. The body was decomposing and face down when it was discovered, and was found near the park’s busy oval. Police noted that a park maintenance worker found the body near East 87th Street, near the park’s popular jogging track. Once the maintenance man called for help, firefighters and police immediately went to the scene, where they pulled the body out of the water. From there, the man was pronounced dead.

The police said that the man’s body did not have any blatant signs of blunt trauma, and also stated the man possibly drowned. One jogger on the scene spoke on seeing the man in the water, saying, “I saw something out there earlier today that looked like a potato sack floating. Couldn’t tell if it was a human, it looked like litter to me.” No identification for the man has been provided by police as of yet.