Boko Haram Reportedly Frees Dozens Of Chibok Schoolgirls After Negotiations With Nigerian Government


(TIML NEWS)  A large group of Chibok school girls in Nigeria will reportedly be reunited with loved ones after being kidnapped by Boko Haram militants three years ago. As many as 83 girls were released, officials in the West African country revealed Saturday (May 6).

“The girls were released through negotiations with the government,” an unidentified official said, according to Reuters.

While an official tally has yet to be confirmed, additional reports claim that between 50 and 62 girls were freed.

The girls are now headed to receive medical checkups in Banki, near the Cameroon border, the Guardian reports. From there, the group will be airlifted to Maiduguri, which is the capital of the Borno state.

Boko Haram captured more than 200 schoolgirls in April 2014. Though some of the girls either escaped or were rescued, the majority remained captive until recently.

As many as 195 school girls were believed to still be missing, after 21 girls were freed in October.