The Woman 50 Cent Punched At A Baltimore Show Is Preparing To Sue


(TIML NEWS) Last week, TMZ obtained footage of 50 Cent performing with The Lox at Baltimore’s Soundstage venue. In the short clip, the Power actor and executive producer can be seen punching a woman in the chest after she attempted to drag him off stage. Security quickly de-escalated the situation and as a peace offering, Fif brought her on stage where she twerked.

The incident seemed a little too goo to be true, but maybe a good twerk was all the woman needed at the time, right? Wrong!

According to TMZ, the unidentified woman is named Donnetta Derr and she has since lawyered up to sue Mr. Jackson. Per the outlet her attorney Warren Brown said Derr went to the hospital the next day and hired him that following Monday. Brown calls Fifty’s punch “cowardly.”

There’s no word on how much money Derr is seeking from the lawsuit.